5 Best Free Texting Apps for Android in 2015

Android texting apps are surely one of those apps that are frequently used by the cell phone users. All the built in texting apps does not provide good features so mobile users look out for alternate options. Keeping in view the importance of the topic i decided to write a review on best texting app for android. There are many free messaging apps for android available now a day that give numerous features and customizations.

Let us wait no further and explore these apps one by one.

Top 5 Free Texting Apps for Android 2015


GO SMS Pro for Android

GO SMS is one of the best android text message app available at the moment and the way it has kept itself abreast with changes is so impressive that we have given it first place in our chart. This app has a very bright interface and it comes up with many bundled features like sticky conversations, encryption of messages, support for two SIMs and many beautiful themes.

These features are available for free users and if you opt to buy GO SMS pro version than you will be given access to many more features like cloud message storage etc. The feature of private box is also exclusively available for pro users. This app is definitely worth trying. Download Go SMS App

2- Google Messenger


Google hangout hasn’t been as successful as anticipated but having said that this billionaire organization is not behind in the of best texting app for android by any means and Google messenger is what we are talking about now. This app comes with a eye catching material design interface.

Google messenger makes it simple for the user to send messages and it is not as complicates as Google hangout. You can take pictures and record and send voice notes directly from the app. Adding to these features Google messenger comes up with all basic features that a best texting app should have. Download Google Messenger App

3- Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS for Android

As we said earlier GO SMS has been around for a while there is another top SMS app that is packed with fantastic features and definitely it is Chomp SMS. Chomp SMS is in android market since long and this texting app has a list of features. We all know importance of emojis when we talk about text messages and this app is full of emojis. There are many privacy options like setting a password for the app as well as messages. You can also blacklist, block any users.

What I like about this app the most is its android wear capability. This means you can use Chomp SMS on your Moto360, Samsung Galaxy Gear or LG smart watch. Other features of Chomp SMS include Scheduling messages, delaying or stopping message transmission even if you have pressed sent button. Chomp SMS just like GO SMS has material design UI which makes it more beautiful, thumbs up for the developers of Chomp SMS. Download Chomp SMS App

4- Textra SMS

Textra SMS Free Android

Well no message app list can be complete without inclusion of Textra SMS. Textra SMS is very famous among users and this app has beautiful material design user interface. App is highly customizable and its themes are beautiful. Textra SMS is packed with all basic features that a free text message app for android must have adding to that Textra SMS comes with a unique feature of floating notification.

The only thing that I don’t like about this app is that keyboard in landscape view is not available, having said that Textra SMS is a very well made app and a good replacement text app of stock android text apps. Download Textra SMS App

5- WhatsApp

Whatsapp best texting app for android


With its huge download base all around the world WhatsApp has made up to this list of best text apps for android tablet and phones. Though this app is free for only one year and subsequent subscription comes for 1.99$, this app has relatively simple design. There are many features available in Whatsapp like blocking a particular friend, Tick marks for showing status of message sent, direct capturing of pictures and recording voice notes etc.

The main disadvantage of Whatsapp is its limited free subscription time and its simpler looking design. I mean come on developer give some colors to Whatsapp after all it is not 1970s. Download WhatsApp for Android

Well that is all in my list of Top free Texting apps for android. See you next time with some more reviews about android apps till then take care!

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