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A factory reset of the Blu Life One X2 fixes the problem, but also wipes your data.

Blu Life One X2

A software update for the Blu Life One X2 smartphone is bricking the phone for some users.

Complaints have been piling up since Tuesday on the Facebook page of Florida-based Blu Products.

Apparently, once the update is installed, the Android-based phone will ask for a password that is impossible to unlock. Too many failed attempts will wipe the device.

Blu Facebook Complaints

Blu Products says it’s investigating. “We are aware, and we are working on the issue,” a spokeswoman told PCMag in an email.

A factory reset can fix the problem, but that will delete a phone’s content, owners are warning online. Those who haven’t installed the update should avoid it, they add.

Ok, just got off the phone with customer service….looks like we’re screwed, they said to keep entering my pin until phone resets,” wrote one user on Reddit.

The update headaches come a few months after Amazon briefly suspended the sales of some Blu handsets over spyware concerns. Blu denied its phones contained any spyware, malware, or secret software; its phones have since returned to Amazon, where unlocked Blu phones generally sell for less than $200.

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