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Root Checker

One tap to check whether the device is Rooted(have a Root Access)
One tap to verify whether the device passes SafetyNet compatibility test.
And another tap to check battery charging/discharging current and voltage.”Root Checker” tab gives you an easy and quick way to check whether your phone is ‘Rooted’. Optionally it also gives you a detailed information about su and busybox executables.



“SafetyNet” tab verifies the device with SafetyNet compatibility tests. SafetyNet api is a part of Google Play Services Framework. Some apps use this api to check whether the device has been rooted or tampered. If your device is rooted or you have custom rom installed then your device won’t pass this test. There have been some methods to pass this check with rooted devices. You can get more information about how to hide root in relevant threads on XDA Forums.

“Battery Info” shows the battery charging/discharging current and also gives information about battery health, voltage and temperature.BATTERY’S CURRENT MEASUREMENTS ACCURACY MAY VARY DEPENDING ON DEVICE. SOME DEVICE LACK THE APPROPRIATE HARDWARE SUPPORT!

Root Checker Pro features

Root Information:
-Whether the app has root access
-Whether su is installed
-Location, Version, and Permissions of su executable
-Whether toolbox/busybox is installed
-Location, Version, and Permissions of busybox
-Current uid/gid

SafetyNet Compatibility Test:
-Verifies whether the device passes Safety Net Compatibility Test Suite

Battery Information:
-Charging/Discharging measures current(not all devices give accurate readings)
-Charge level

Build Information:
-Cpu ABI

If you want to Root your device you can easily find root guides by searching in And also you can check forums on

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January 16, 2017

Varies with device

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Varies with device

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Varies with device

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Root Checker File Details

File Name: Root-Checker_v3.1.1.apk
Version: 3.1.1
Size: 2.8 MiB
Uploaded on: January 14, 2018 3:17 am
No of Downloads: 23
Minimum Android Version: Android 4.0+
MD5 Hash: f7302e8d781b183c48344dad457cfd3c

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Root Checker

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