Game Guardian APK v8.4.3 Download For Android

You are downloading Game Guardian APK for android devices. It allow you to hack offline android games and modify high scores.  This application requires root access and if your android phone is rooted then you can use game guardian to search any game for current score and modify it. Let say you made 5000 score in a game. You just search it for value "5000" using gameguardian and it will return the results. Now after identifying and confirming the score value, change it to desired score, say 500000 in that field and save it. So now when you will open that game, it will display your high score as 500000 instead of 5000. Isn't it interesting?

There are also some other modification apps like SBMan hacker and game killer which are also shared on Android APK Club. If gameguardian is not working on your phone for your favorite game then you can try above mentioned apps. You can unlock new stages using the same app and it would be really fun to use it. So if you are tired of playing game again and again but cannot break the high score records of your friends then gameguardian can help you in this regard. Lets download the latest APK file of game guardian application for android and start experimenting with your favorite games.

Game Guardian File Details

File Name: com.nanoo_.darkswords_game_guardian.apk
Version: 8.4.3
Size: 4.2 MiB
Uploaded on: March 24, 2017 4:12 pm
No of Downloads: 2413
MD5 Hash: ea6b00fdb4e811b4067061ce4ae9f435

Get Game Guardian APK version 8.4.3

Game Guardian

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