Gameboid APK v2.4.7 Android Emulator Download Free

Gameboid android emulator is one of very best emulator available for android devices. Think of some amazing games that you have played in past like Super Mario, Street Fighter, Cadillac and the list goes on and on. Even in this modern era of 3D games those old games have special place in our hearts and this is the reason we all love and need emulators. For all those readers who don’t know what an emulator is well an emulator is a software program or hardware device that can imitate another program or device. In fact the words “emulate” means to “imitate”. When we use an emulator it makes our device behave like another device and thus makes it possible for our device to run the program made for other device.

Gameboid v2.4.7 APK

There are many emulators available out there in android market for android devices but among all these I like Gameboid emulator for android. There are a number of reasons why I like this emulator and I will tell you these reasons one by one and I have also included Gameboid APK file for you so that you can download Gameboid APK emulator to your cell phone. Gameboid android emulator for free is a worth trying emulator trust me on that!

Compatibility with Devices and Games

Gameboid is one of very few emulators that are compatible to majority of devices. An emulator requires a lot of programming and this emulator is well programmed there is no doubt about it. Gameboid emulator for android not only runs on many devices but it also successfully runs many games with full video and audio features.

Gameboid APK 2


While using Gameboid emulator you can customize the on screen keyboard. So even if you are playing you can still change the looks and options of the keyboard. There are many control setup options also available you can set the joystick on the right left bottom or on upper portion of display. You can also increase or decrease the transparency of the buttons so that the screen itself does not hide behind the on screen buttons.

Game save Options

While playing games you can easily save your game at any point and then load back the saved game with ease at any time. This feature is very essential in arcade games like Super Mario etc.

Turbo Mode

Well this seems a bit odd but while using Gameboid Emulator you can fast forward the game that you are playing. It is just like making the speed of the game 2X.

Light on Battery

What most users like about Gameboid is it is light on the juice of battery. It uses less battery as compared to other emulators because of its efficiency.

Gameboid Android Emulator v2.4.7 is only compatible with Android v 1.5 or higher. What makes an emulator successful is it’s up to date programming and till now developers of Gameboid emulator have done exactly that. Let us see this trend continues or not meanwhile you download Gameboid APK and enjoy Gameboid emulator v2.4.7 for free for android. You can download Gameboid APK v2.4.7 Emulator for Android from the link given below. See you next time!

Direct Download Gameboid Emulator APK509 KB

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