How to install Android P right now

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How to install Android P right now

Google on Wednesday announced Android P is now available through its developer program. Android P includes new features such as official cutout support — the notch is here to stay — and other under-the-hood improvements for developers to begin using in apps.

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that Android P is in beta, and that a lot of things will break or be broken. Google doesn’t recommend installing Android P on your main phone, and more specifically, the company warns consumers against installing this first build at all.

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Android P will bring support for iPhone X-esque notch



Google is once again limiting the developer beta program to its own devices. Here’s the current list of compatible Android devices that are eligible to install the Android P developer preview:


Installation for this first build is limited to those who know how, or are willing to learn, how to manually flash the Android P image.

Google has outlined the entire process on its developer website. You will need to be comfortable using command line tools, and wiping your device for a fresh start with Android P.

Again, this process is for diehard Android fans who are OK with a lot of features being broken, and developers. For the average user, it’s best to stay away from Android P in its current form and wait for Google to reopen its Android Beta program later this year.

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