Market Unlocker Pro 3.5.1 APK for Android Free Download

Market Unlocker Pro 3.5.1 is an app that allows its user to unlock those apps and games that are not universally available for download. There are many apps in Google play store that can be downloaded in specific countries only for example Google Music app can be downloaded in US only. Market Unlocker Pro is also useful for those users who want to use Amazon app Market while being outside the US.

Market Unlocker Pro APK

Let’s discuss some of the main features of Market Unlocker Pro APK version 3.5.1.


This app is very popular among the android users and no doubt it has got some reasons for being so. Here are some features of this unique app

  • Gives a direct access to restricted apps on Google Play store by using proxy setting
  • Provides link to Amazon app Market outside US
  • Support for proxy setting up procedure (Pro Version feature only)
  • Use proxy for other applications also.

How Market Unlocker Pro 3.5.1 Works

Market Unlocker is a free proxy app for android that shows the fake location of the user and thus bypasses all the hurdles imposed in downloading the banned contents. It also requires the user to set up proxy setting that I will explain in this post later on. It works in the same way as any other proxy works and by showing an allowed location user is given access to all the apps.


In the start Market Unlocker pro was available at the Google Play store but later on Google removed it from android Market and now this app is no longer on Google play store however worry not you can download Market Unlocker by clicking on the below link.

Download Market Unlocker Pro v3.5.1 APK

How to configure Market Unlocker 3.5.1 for Amazon App Store

Follow these easy steps

  • First of all install Amazon app store to your device
  • Open Market Unlocker App
  • Set up a proxy setting for a location in US by following steps
    1. Open Market Unlocker and click on proxy tab
    2. Click on “Fetch USA Proxy” button to automatically configure proxy type, port and host. This feature is not available in regular app. It is available in Pro version only
    3. Next step is to click “ Involve Amazon Appstore”
    4. Now you need to click on “Enable Proxy” to turn it on
  • Open the Amazon App store now and enjoy apps by Amazon

How to configure Market Unlocker for Google Play Store

  • Install Google Play Store App
  • Open Market Unlocker Pro 3.5.1
  • Setup the proxy setting by clicking on proxy tab than select “Fetch USA Proxy”
  • Turn on “Enable Proxy” by clicking it
  • Open Google Play Store

Download Market Unlocker Pro v3.5.1 APK


Market Unlocker Pro APK free download for android is a very useful app because it enables its users to bypass location restrictions imposed by app Markets. However configuring the Market Unlocker is not easy sometimes especially in regular version of the app but never the less it is a good gadget in tool box!

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