N64oid Emulator v2.7 APK Download for Android

N64oid is a very famous emulator for android platform and n64oid APK is arguably one of the best working emulator available today. There are many games from childhood that we still miss like Super Mario, Contra, Tennis and the list goes on. What is common in all these games is its developer, yes your guess is correct I am talking about Nintendo.

The famous game developer has given beautiful and blockbuster games to the gamers all around the world. N64oid emulator runs all the famous games on the android. This emulator is for 64 bit emulator. N64oid emulator is unfortunately removed from the play store but worry not you can download n64oid APK for free from this page and can relive your childhood memories once again. Mean while let us look at few features of this famous emulator.

n64oid APK


N64oid emulator is compatible with a large number of android devices; this fact makes n64oid emulator the best among its class. Earlier the emulators available in the market for android devices had the compatibility issues but this problem is taken care in n64oid android emulator.

Smooth Running with Sound

The games run smoothly on n64oid emulator with minimum hanging issues. Sound quality is also good.

Save game feature and file format

You can save the progress of the game at any point while playing the game. Not only this, you can also pause and resume the game. Loading a saved game is also very easy and simple. The saved games are stored on a file format that is also compatible with PC version of a cross platform named Mupen64 plus.

User Friendly Display

The display interface of the n64oid emulator is very user friendly. It is simple to use and very easy to comprehend.

Some Other Features

There are some more features in this emulator that might interest you that include ability to use G-sensor, Fog effect on display etc etc.

Installation Instructions

N64oid v2.7 APK free download is available on this website. Simply download and install the emulator via APK and use game ROMs to play your favorite classic games. Minimum requirement for n64oid emulator is android v 2.0 and above.


N64oid emulator is definitely one of the finest emulator available for the android devices. The emulator has an update patch also make sure you install that too. It is must software to have in your android software list. Download n64oid APK for free and enjoy. See you next time with some more android software review till than take care!

N64oid Emulator File Details

File Name: com.androidemu.n64-2.7.apk
Version: 2.7
Size: 914.0 KiB
Uploaded on: June 10, 2015 9:20 pm
No of Downloads: 181318
MD5 Hash: 4c4271187f15d4ed1128fed1bfb4d389

Get N64oid Emulator APK version 2.7

N64oid Emulator

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