How to Save On Mobile Phone Bill

How to Save On Mobile Phone Bill


Seems like everybody’s got their own mobile phone. Even my young cousin who’s only in elementary school has one! Mobile phones are convenient and as the name suggests, its mobile. However, you can get substantial charges when you go outside of your minutes, which are part of your monthly plan. I have personally had mobile phone bills that have topped over the $200 mark in one month! When I saw them I just put my head in my hands, thinking what have I done.

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So, to stop this sort of thing you need to ‘Know your monthly average usage’.

Mobile phone plans all come in with different monthly airtime limits. Mobile phone companies also categorize airtime such as “anytime minute”, “free weekend & night”, “free mobile to mobile”, “free long distance.” Some people just get confused by all these. Just as an example, a mobile phone plan may offer 1500 anytime minutes for $20 a month. That means that for $20 you are allowed to be on a call for 1500 minutes per month. Any minutes that you go over in that month you will accrue very hefty charges such as $0.30 per minute! Compare $0.30/minute with $0.013/minute ($20 / 1500 minutes = $0.013/minute) you definitely would want to make sure that your current plan of 1500 minutes per month is enough for your usage.

To save on phone bill, it may be worth upgrading to a higher plan if you know that you will be needing more airtime, because receiving charged over-the-limit minutes is simply not worth it. Some mobile phone plans also allow you to carry over unused minutes, so there is really no reason not to upgrade because you are simply getting a much better $/mintue charge for your calls. But with the way most plans are you will more likely see the charges for extra data use, if there is no limit put on it. It all depends on your mobile phone usage.

Know when and where you make your calls

There are other mobile phone plan choices that you can purchase that may help you save on phone bill. Most mobile phone plans charge an additional $5/month for airtime options such as “free weekend & night”, “free mobile to mobile”, and “free long distance.” You may even find that for an extra $10- $15 you could get unlimited minutes for talking, so you never have to worry about extra talk time charges ever.

One way to save on phone bill greatly is to get the free nights and weekends calling option and chose a lower anytime minute mobile phone plan if you know that your calls are mostly made on nights and weekends. If you will be calling a lot of out-of-state calls, then please do yourself a favour and purchase the long-distance call option so your calling rate is the same as local calls. If you purchase both free nights & weekends and long distance calling options, well guess what, your out-of-state calls will be free on nights & weekends! Didn’t think you can save on phone bill, can you? If you make lots of international calls you can also save by using prepaid cards or getting an ad-on from your network that offer a set number of minutes to call other countries. There are also sim cards available that deal with long distant call only. You can get mobiles that have dual sim capability, which really open up the cost saving you can do.

Know who you make your calls mostly

I personally like the free mobile to mobile calling option very much. If you want hook up all of your family with a mobile phone, make sure to enrol them under the same provider for mobile to mobile calling to be truly free. Which means that you can all have a low monthly plan or pay as you go and all calls between your family will be free. The catch is that free mobile to mobile calling only works within the same network provider. Getting a family plan for multiple mobile phones is also another great way to save on phone bill. You general get them to give you a discount. Going back to the example provided. A single mobile phone plan will cost $20/month for 1500 anytime minutes. A family plan may cost $40 for 4000 anytime minutes, and each additional mobile phone line will cost only $10 for which the 4000 anytime minutes are shared amongst all the mobile phone lines within the family plan. With each phone in the family plan also purchase the additional free mobile to mobile calling option. The entire family can talk on the mobile phone anytime during the day, without worrying about running out of minutes. What other ways can you think of to save on phone bill?

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