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Z4Root is android based software that roots the mobile devices without connecting to a PC unlike any other rooting program. It is developed by RyanZA. In case you have been looking for a program that can root your device without PC and you are not expert in doing so then Z4Root APK is all that you need. It is easy to install program just like any other android APK software. Z4Root is single click rooting software for android. In this article I am going to look at some advantages and disadvantages of the Z4Root program and also will tell you steps to download Z4Root APK file.

Z4Root APK

Advantages of Z4Root

In first part I will tell you advantages of Z4Root software.

1) One Click rooting Solution for Android

Z4Root is definitely one click rooting solution for android. All you need to do is to install it and run it. This is as easy as it is.

2) Simple Interface

Z4Root has simple interface there is one button that you have to press and the whole rooting process starts automatically.

3) No connections requires with outside device

Before entrance of rooting software like Z4Root a mobile device have to be connected to a pc in order to root but with this software there is no need for you to connect it to a pc.

4) Change in Root Binaries not in Core Database

Well Z4Root definitely scores high in its working methodology for rooting android devices. It uses a rooting methodology that makes changes in root binaries not in the core database of the device itself which makes it comparatively safer rooting software.

Disadvantages of Z4Root

Let us see the disadvantages of Z4Root for android.

1) Incompatibility with many devices

Though Z4Root is friendly software but the main disadvantage of this software is its incompatibility to work with a number of android devices. Those who are good with this software include Droid X, HTC Hero, Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab and few others. However the list of incompatible devices is way longer and it includes HTC EVO, DROID (Original Version), LG Nexus 1 and all newer devices.

2) Delayed Updates

Well the reason behind the incompatibility of Z4Root with a large number of devices is its delayed updates and since its inception in 2010 it has not kept itself abreast with updates of android devices. After all we all know it is not an easy task because of huge competition in android market. This is the reason that Z4Root is not compatible with a large number of new model android devices.

3) No Descriptions

Rooting is not an easy task and what I don’t like about Z4Root is that it does not give many descriptions to its users. There is not much to read notes that can guide the users.

Installation Guide for Z4Root software

  • Simply download Z4Root zipped file
  • Extract it with winRAR or any other software
  • Copy the Z4Root APK file to your phone
  • Install and run the program
  • Follow the on screen step by step instructions.

Final Conclusion about Z4Root

Though Z4Root is a one click rooting solution for android devices yet its way behind in its updates and there is high chances that your device may start to malfunction instead of getting right. So be careful with Z4Root and best of luck!

Direct Download Z4Root 1.1.0 APK File (Compressed) – 896 KB

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