5 Best Emoji Keyboard for Android Apps

An old saying goes Time is money and it is as true as this world. We all keep looking for shortcuts all the time and one of those shortcuts is “Emojis”. For all those who are not familiar with an Emoji so let me tell you an Emoji is graphical representation of one’s emotion. I am sure you have seen many of these Emojis till now and one thing is for sure they are cute and they are essential part of our chats, emails and text messages.

While I was looking for the best Emoji keyboard for android I came across some amazing Emoji apps for android and Iphone but  for now I am going to post only about best Free keyboard for android and not for Iphone. Coming back to Emojis, the Emojis are great way to communicate. They are time saving and express our emotions more than words can express.  Some Emoji keyboards come as an extension of the stock keyboard and few are installed with a separate keyboard. So why to wait let us read about some best Emoji keyboard for android.

1- Emoji Keyboard

At the top of our Top 5 cute Emoji keyboard app is an app with name “Emoji Keyboard”. The app is not an extension app but rather it comes with a separate keyboard. There are many Emojis of different categories available for use. The overall look of the app resembles the stock keyboard app. Emoji Keyboard is an easy to use app. It also comes with features like word suggestions and word completions. What I like most about this app is its compatibility with different apps e.g. you can add Emojis in text messages, emails and chats etc etc. (Download Emoji Keyboard)

Emoji Keyboard For Android

2- GO Keyboard With Emoji Extension

Go keyboard with emoji extension is at the second spot in our list of free keyboards for android phone.Though go launcher was not as successful and handy as expected but Go keyboard with emoji extension is a good app to have. Let me tell you, you will have to install Go keyboard first and then emoji extension later on. This is the reason this app is not liked by many but never the less this is well made app. Emojis in Go keyboard are cute and very vibrant in colors. There are over 750 emojis to choose from. Go keyboard comes with all basic features just like stock android keyboard. (Download Go Keyboard Emoji Extension)

Go Keyboard Android App

3- StickerMe

Well if you are looking for something different with respect to emoji keyboard than StickerMe is right app for you. It is a selfie emoji app. That means all you need to do is take a selfie and app will make emojis using your picture. This is a cute and amazing app. What I like most about StickerMe is its simplicity of operation. Taking picture is very easy. Using emojis is also at ease. All in all it is a must app to try. (Download StickerMe Selfie Emoji App)

StickerMe Keyboard App

4- JapEmo

If you are classical stuff lover than JapEmo is the app you are looking for in this list of best android keyboard apps. Do not get yourself fooled by the weirdness of the name JapEmo is nice emoji app for your android phone. All the emojis are made by arranging the characters of a simple keyboard. There are more than 30 categories to choose from and using these emojis is easy also. (Download JapEmo App)

Japanese Emoji Keyboard App

5- TouchPal

TouchPal is another best Emoji keyboard for android. This app allows its user to input emojis fast and offers more than 950 emojis, text emojis and emoticons in text messages, emails and web chats. TouchPal has a huge user base and with over 250 million users this app is one of the best in its category. The main features of TouchPal include customizable themes, changing keyboard color, word prediction, vast language support and text faces. You can also set your very own picture as a theme of keyboard app. (Download Touchpal Emoji)

TouchPal Emoji Keyboard

No matter what app you choose as your next keyboard app just make sure the app is compatible with cell phone specs. That is all for now till next time take care.!

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