How to Talk to Alexa on Your Android Device

Android users can chat with their favorite voice assistant directly through the Alexa app or a third-party app called Listens for Alexa. Apple users are out of luck (for now).

You can easily chat with Alexa through your Amazon Echo. But what if you’re not near an Echo and still want to talk to Amazon’s voice assistant?

No problem, at least on Android. The latest update to the Alexa app helps you talk to her, as does third-party app Listens for Alexa.

After setting up either app to allow for voice commands, you can pose a variety of requests to Alexa, from simple ones like “What is the weather forecast” to more complex queries, like “Show me my appointments for this week.” Alexa then responds through your phone or tablet.

Okay, but what about iPhone and iPad users? Sorry, right now the new feature in the Alexa app is limited to Android phones and tablets, though an update is supposedly headed for iOS. Listens for Alexa doesn’t support iOS at all. If you have an Apple device, you’ll have to chat with Alexa through the Amazon Shopping app.

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