The Best Android Games of 2017

Gaming used to mean standing at a wooden cabinet with a giant screen that ate your quarters. Then it was sitting on your couch staring at your TV, or playing a PC game. Today, people put games on any screen they can lay their hands on, including their Android tablets and phones. Sure, you’re supposed to use your phone for important things and critically important apps, but there’s always time for a few games.

Our Favorites

This is by no means a comprehensive or complete survey of Android games. A marketplace as vast and vibrant as Google Play has something for everyone: board games, word games, shooters, racers, runners, and even fantasy quiz RPGs. What follows below are the games I and my fellow reviewers at PCMag have played recently and just can’t stop thinking about.

Android gaming used to be a second-tier experience, with all the good titles being either exclusive to iPhone or launching months later on Android. But Google Play has grown to the point where it’s as strong a mobile games marketplace as the iPhone App Store. These days, it’s not unusual for great games to appear simultaneously on both platforms.

One interesting trend in mobile games is titles that premiered as console or PC games that have been ported to Android. The list of Final Fantasy games that you can play on a phone grows ever longer, and even a nearly forgotten classic like Crazy Taxi now lives on Google Play. It shows that these games have really strong concepts that can be translated across just about any platform, and it’s a testament to how far mobile devices have come as gaming platforms. It’s also super convenient to have your favorite games accessible, no matter where you are.

The Best Is Yet to Come

As with all of our lists at PCMag, this is a work in progress. We’ll be updating and expanding it from time to time. We’ll try to keep it fresh, too, by cycling out titles that have already had their moment in the sun. Hopefully, every time you check this list, there will be something new and interesting to discover.

Don’t see your favorite on the list? Drop us a polite message in the comments. Like you, we’re always hungry for new tappy timewasters and stress relievers, and we’ll definitely take a look.

  • Banner Saga

The Banner Saga

Blizzard Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft

The Battle of Polytopia

The classic Civilization series does exist on mobile, but I’ve found the experience tedious and generally unenjoyable. Polytopia takes the strategy genre and boils it down to its bones, adds a layer of quirky, low-poly art, and polishes the result to a shine with addictive mobile play. It’s a great way to turn a quick trip to the bathroom into a half-hour journey of conquest.

  • Dots And Co 1
  • Dots And Co 2

Dots & Co
Two Dots was a break-out hit for mobile gaming, deftly combining simple, portable play and a stylish design. Dots and Co isn’t so much a sequel as it is a riff on the first game, introducing new special abilities and challenges. It retains all the zen strategy of the original, with some new twists that make it feel fresh.

  • Clash Royale 1
  • Clash Royale 2

Clash Royale

The follow-up to the mega-hit Clash of Clans, Clash Royale combines elements of DOTA 2, tower defense, and deck building into a shockingly charming package. It’s a fun and addictive mobile experience that can be played with just a thumb. You can even complete all those in-app purchases one-handed, too.

  • Hearthstone

Kim Kardashian Hollywood


Monument Valley

Pokémon Go

2016 will be remembered for the deaths of many great entertainers, the collapse of Western democracy and, most importantly, for Pokémon Go. By tapping into your location data and your camera, Pokémon Go puts the pocketable monsters in our world. It’s a lot of fun, and a great excuse to explore your community. While the fad has certainly faded, the game is better than ever.

  • Reigns 1
  • Reigns 2




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